Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Initial Pendant with JOY Iron-on Letters

Hi Crafters!

Here's another easy way to make the popular initial pendant.  This one is made with JOY Iron-On letters, which is the manufacturer that we are promoting this month in our Designer Crafts Connection challenge.

This is a quick and easy project that you can personalize with any fabric and beads that you like.  You can even change the color of the letter with a permanent pen or fabric dye.

Initial Pendant with JOY Iron-on letters

Here's how I made this one:

l.  Gather your materials.  You'll need fabric, a JOY Iron-on letter (the 1/2" size), a bezel, a scrap of cardboard, a scrap of quilt batting, tacky glue, seed beads, thread and a chain or ribbon.  You'll also need scissors, a needle and an iron and ironing board.
2.  Press the bezel into the scrap of cardboard to impress the outline.  You can also ink the edge of the bezel.  Cut out the circle and trim to fit into the bezel.  Cut one or two pieces of quilt batting the same size.

3.  Iron the letter to the fabric following the instructions.  See here for an online instructional video.
Iron letter to fabric
4.  Trim the fabric to a circle about 1/2" larger than your bezel.  Glue the batting to the cardboard and center on the wrong side of the fabric.  Clip the fabric and wrap the fabric to the back.  Glue or tape it to the back of the cardboard.
Clip fabric and wrap to back
5.  Here's the finished assembly.

6.  Glue assembly into the bezel.

6.  String seed beads on thread to fit edge of bezel.  Make a ring and go through beads again.  Tie ends in a square knot, run thread ends through beads and trim.  Glue ring around edge of bezel and hang bezel on a chain or ribbon.
Circle of seed beads
Finished pendant

Wasn't that easy?  You can see what other designers created by using the Designer Crafts Connection button to see those participating in this manufacturer's challenge.  And, visit the manufacturer's website to see more of the fabulous letters and other appliques available. 

Happy crafting with JOY!

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