Monday, May 4, 2015

Designer Crafts Connection: Bring on the Bling!

Hi Crafty Friends!
It's the First Monday of the month (again!!), and it's time for a round on the Designer Crafts Connection.  This link will take you to our blog where we share the designs we've created every month.  Not only can you see the First Monday round of designs, but you can also check out our Manufacturer's Challenge rounds where we create designs with materials sent to us by a specific manufacturer.  It's a great way to see everything we do.  We also have a facebook page and you can connect with us there also.

This month we're sharing designs with bling, so put your shades on as there will be some serious sparkle! I have wanted to make the popular chevron-style necklace for awhile and I had some very sparkly Swarovski crystals, so I thought I'd combine the two.  Here's the Sparkly Chevron Necklace that I designed:

Sparkly Chevron Necklace
I found that chevron necklaces can be difficult to get to hang properly.  I made six links and tried connecting them directly to chain, but the necklace was too wobbly and didn't hold the chevron shape.  So, I decided to connect the links on a head pin with beads in between.  This held the chevron shape well and allowed the links to stay spaced apart as I wanted.  Every design is a learning experience, isn't it?  Next time, I may use a different method like bent wire chevrons!  Have you tried making a chevron necklace?  What method and materials have you used?

Happy Crafting!

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