Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Garden Hat

Hi Crafty Friends!

Happy Spring!  I'm sure some of you have been eagerly awaiting this day, and I hope you have a lovely spring after such a snowy winter!  For those of us on the West coast, we are wishing for some spring showers after a very dry winter.  But, whatever you have endured, it's time to break out the spring decor and celebrate the season. 

We on the Smoothfoam Creativity Team are celebrating by creating some new designs with the hollow half-balls that Smoothfoam has provided us.  We're creating Bonnets and Baskets, which are perfect for springtime activities and Easter festivities. 

I was inspired to create a spring hat.  I found the prettiest yellow place mat that looked like a straw brim and had some flowers embroidered on it, so it was easy to create this hat in a flash.  This hat hangs on your wall and would be perfect for your home or springtime events like wedding showers, Mother's Day teas or Easter decorating.

Spring Garden Hat
Terry Ricioli

To create this hat, you'll need:

Round place mat (14")  (I found this one at Kohl's)

8" Smoothfoam half ball

Yellow and white paint

Green tulle

Some silk flowers

Hot glue and glue gun, paintbrush, serrated knife


1.  In order to match the crown of the hat to the brim, I trimmed 2" off the half ball.  If your place mat is larger, trim the ball accordingly. 
2.  Paint the half ball to match or contrast with the placemat.  Let dry.
3.  Glue the ball to the center of the placemat.  Glue tulle over and around the ball and add some silk flowers.  Glue ties for the hat underneath and tie it in a knot for hanging.

There you go!  Quick and easy spring decor!

The Smoothfoam Creativity Team will be linked up in the first week of April, so you can see all the new springtime designs on the Bonnets and Basket blog hop!

Happy Spring Crafting!

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