Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Home for a Gnome

Hi Crafty Friends!

Since spring is here and everyone is out planting their gardens, it's the perfect time to add an accessory like a fairy house or elfin hideaway.  They are fun for the kids, but I think adults must like them just as much since they are so popular now.  

Here is one I made from Smoothfoam that I call "A Home for a Gnome".  But, I'm sure any of the little people would love to live in it.  You could make it a fairy house or a home for a hobbit.

Gnome Home by Terry Ricioli
I crafted this little house with a new product from Smoothfoam - a hollow half ball.  It's quick and easy to make this and decorate it with your own special touches.  Can you guess what the thatched roof is made from?  You can find out and all the instructions for making your own on the blog!

Have fun creating your own little home for the little people!  I'd love to see the results!
Happy Crafting!

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