Monday, January 7, 2013

Southwestern Cross

Hi Crafters!
It's our first Monday Designer Crafts Connection blog hop, and we're starting the year off with Home Decor items.  It's the perfect time to add a new accent to your home, and I'm sure you'll find a few you'll want to try.  Follow the blog ring by going forward or back with the big blue button to the left of this post.

My home decor piece is a Southwestern Cross.  It has a natural look with faux stucco and raffia-covered floral wire and will fit in with a den, office or family room decorated in wood and stone. 

Although it looks like stucco, the base is a unique construction of Smoothfoam(TM) and a paintable texture paste from DecoArt(R)

First cut a cross from a Smoothfoam(TM) sheet.  The dimensions on this cross are 6" wide by 8" high with 2" wide arms.  After measuring it, use a serrated knife in a sawing motion to cut it out of the foam.

Using a palette knife, cover the foam cross with DecoArt(R) Dimensional Effects(TM) paintable texture paste.  It's like frosting a cake (only easier!).  You can work the paste for awhile to get the texture you want.

When the paste is dry, paint it with Georgia Clay or the color of your choice.  When that is dry, make a wash of Peach Sherbet and paint over the first layer.  To make a wash, thin the paint with a little water.  Let dry.  These paints are from Americana(R) by DecoArt(R).

Cut two lengths of the florist wire about 7" long and two 4" long.  Loosely twist the two longer wires together.  Twist the 4" pieces together about halfway, slide it over the 7" twisted wires and finish twisting the wires.  The floral wire is from Joann's. 

Glue the wire cross to the foam cross with tacky glue.  Cut felt to cover the back and glue it to the cross.  Glue on a ribbon loop for hanging.

Happy New (Crafting) Year!

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