Thursday, November 1, 2012

French Knitter - The Craftier Side

Hi Crafters!
Some months ago, I mentioned that I found a new gadget to use in my crafting.  It's a French Knitter, and I found it fascinating.  I don't know why I never ran across it before, but, after a little research, I found that it appears to have been around forever and is a favorite of kids because it is so easy to use.  Being a kid at heart, I took to it right away. 

The manufacturerof this particular French Knitter, Clover, asked me to come up with some designs for them.  I had a great time designing with it and came up with a few new twists on some easy designs that are geared toward tweens and teens.  These designs incorporate beads and buttons as you work the knitting, so, in most cases, the beads or buttons are strung on the thread first.  Then, it's a simple process to knit the cord.  Instructions in the project sheet show how to finish the pieces.  I used a variety of cords like hemp twine, cotton cord and yarn so the pieces work up quickly.

Here are some of the projects in the group:

This is a bracelet using pink cotton cord, lime green E beads and a bright pink button.

And, here's the necklace to go with it!

This bracelet and key ring are made with hemp cord.  You can personalize it with letter beads.

And, just in time to wear for the football and basketball games, here's a fun necklace and tag to cheer on your team.

Here is a free copy of the instructions for the projects shown here and a few more.  Instructions are in English and Spanish.

I hope you'll try these fun projects.  Stop in again Monday for our Designer Craft Connection blog round.
Happy Crafting,

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