Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roly-Poly Penguin with Smoothfoam™

Hi Crafters!

Today I'm part of a blog hop highlighting Smoothfoam™ - The Crafter's Foam.  I've created a little penguin using Smoothfoam™ balls, paint, tacky glue, craft foam, felt and wiggle eyes.  He's easy to make.  He'll like hanging out on your tree or in a winter snow scene on your mantel or table.
Roly-Poly Penguin with Smoothfoam™
Design by Terry Ricioli
Here's how to make this cute (if I do say so!) Roly-Poly Penguin:

2 Smoothfoam™ balls: 1 1/2" and 2"
Black and white acrylic paint
Scraps of black, orange and pink craft foam
8" x 1/2" strip of red felt
Wiggle eyes

Small teardrop wood piece for pattern
Tacky glue
Serrated knife
Hole punch
Pen or pencil

1.  Saw off a small circle of foam on the top and bottom of the large ball. Slice off a small circle of foam from the bottom of the small ball. Glue the flat side of the small ball to a flat side of the larger ball.

2.  Paint the tummy and the face of the penguin white. Paint the rest black shaping the face with a point in the center.

3.  Use the teardrop wood piece to trace and cut two wings from black foam. Use the end of the teardrop to trace a small half circle from orange foam for the mouth. Cut a smaller half circle to fit underneath that piece. Shape the flat sides of the half circles to fit the round surface of the face. Use the teardrop wood shape to trace and cut feet from the orange foam. Use the hole punch to cut two circles of pink foam for the cheeks.

4.  Glue the wings, mouth, wiggle eyes and feet to the penguin.

5.  Cut fringe in the ends of the felt strip and tie it around the penguin's neck.

6.  If you want the penguin to hang on your tree, poke a small hole in the top of the head with a toothpick and glue the ends of a loop of thread in the hole.

Smoothfoam™ is having a great giveaway as part of this blog hop.  You can enter to win this Snowman kit and more by leaving a comment on your favorite Smoothfoam™ project saying what you would make with Smoothfoam™.  So, hop around the Designer Crafts Connection blogs by clicking on the big blue button on the left side of this entry.  I can't wait to see what everyone has been crafting!
Happy Crafting with Smoothfoam™!


  1. Totally cute! A great project for crafters of all ages... and for all ages to craft together. Thanks for sharing this project, Terry! ~ Karen Wiant

  2. Oh my word this is so stinkin cute!!! Adorable design

  3. omg he's so cute. my husband needs one of these. he's the guin freak at my house. cute and simple. love it!

  4. This would be SUCH a cute Christmas ornament! :)

  5. Such a cute penguin Terri! Great dea...

  6. What a cutie! I can almost see him waddling! :)