Monday, October 8, 2012

Sock Owls

Hi Crafters!
Every month I host a group of crafters in my home.  We gather in my large kitchen for a fun but simple craft.  These crafters range from three years of age to about twelve, so a craft that is easy is a must.  But, for the older kids, it must also be a versatile craft which challenges their creativity.  Most of the time, I come up with an idea, but this month we used one I found on a website. 

These Autumn Sock Owls were a real hit with my crafters.  And, I think you'll enjoy them, too.  They came in the weekly crafts email from Crafts 'n things, one of my favorite magazines for all-around crafting projects.  You'll have to subscribe to get this project now, but you can see this week's email here.  You can sign up to get the newsletter and receive new craft projects every week. 

Here's the sock owl that I made:

Here's a few of the crafters and their creations.

 This tweed-y work sock made a great owl.

Everyone has a unique creation!  One of the older crafters got really creative and made a sock elephant!

Moms stay to help the little ones and have some crafting fun, too!

Hope you're enjoying some crafting fun this week.
What will you create?

Happy Crafting!

(Note:  I'm a crafter at heart, but I also design crafts and have had designs published in Crafts 'n things.  However, I was not compensated for this post.)


  1. I remember when Crafts n Things first published these on the old "pack o fun" and I have always loved them. Great work by your group, Terry. Thanks for sharing