Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaf Mobile

Hi Crafters!

It's the first Monday of the month and it's time guessed it--The Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!  This is the place to see new fall crafting ideas from your favorite designers. 

The beautiful colors of fall leaves always inspire me this time of year, so I have a quick and simple way to create a fun Leaf Mobile. 

First, collect and wash plastic lids from food containers.  These are so easy with which to create different crafts because you can cut shapes from them with a pair of scissors.

Cut the ring off the lid.  Then, use a natural leaf as a guide and cut a leaf from the center of the lid. 

Punch a small hole in the leaves with a paper punch and string them on a piece of twine.  Knot to hold and tie the other end to a piece of wood.  Or, you can hang them onto tree branches in your yard.  They're wateproof!

Leaf Mobile
Designed by Terry Ricioli

They are lovely, fluttering in the breeze, but you could also use them in a wreath.  Or, write names on them and use them for place cards or other table decorations!  I'm sure you'll think of more of your own ideas, and that is what crafting and creativity is all about!
Happy Fall Crafting!

PS  There will be a blog hop later this month in which you can win a great prize from Makin's Clay.  Here's a photo of all the goodies that they are offering.  It's worth over $100 (retail). 

Here's the link for the contest.  The link will be active between October 13 and October 24.  
Be sure to check it out!


  1. What a great idea Terry! Love the recycle aspect for sure. I never find great colored lids like you.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Dawn! We eat a lot of salsa, that's where some of the lids come from. Also, coffee for the gold ones.