Friday, July 6, 2018

Summertime design fun

Hi everyone!

This month, I'm taking some time to play around with some media and try a few new things that have been on my mind.

One of the things I've wanted to try is weaving.  I love the big wall hangings, but I wanted to try making some woven hangings small enough to wear.

Here's my first try.  I attached some hemp cord to a twig, taped it down to my work surface and wove some recycled sari yarn through it.

I like the unstructured look to it, but if I want to do more weaving, I think I'll have to make or buy a loom and learn a bit more about weaving.

I think I'll add something over the weaving, like this brass dragonfly that I colored with alcohol inks.
Then, I'll attach a cord or chain to wear it or just hang it up with some twine.  I'm definitely going to try some more of these.

Also on my long list of things to try this summer:  more copper jewelry with hammering and stamping, etching copper, enameling and mixed media jewelry.  We'll see what I am able to fit in between design work and grandkids!

What are trying this summer?  I hope you are taking some time to try new things and just play a little without thinking too much about the end result!  Enjoy!

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