Monday, October 5, 2015

Lace-Up Skull

Hi Crafters!

It's the first Monday of the month and time for another round of crafts from the Designer Crafts Connection!  This month, we're all about Halloween, so get ready for some spookiness!

This month, I'm making a Day of the Dead Skull.  I found the perfect surface - a Lace-Up Skull from Eye Connect Crafts.  Erin has new products that are perfect for Halloween - a spider, cats, a bat and an owl along with the skull.  They're perfect for cards, mixed media or decorating the house.

Here's the Lace-Up Skull:
Lace-Up Skull from Eye Connect Crafts

It's nice and large, so there is lots of surface to embellish, which is the fun part. Here it is out of the package and popped out of the background.
Unfinished Lace-Up Skull
First, I gave it a couple of coats of white acrylic paint.  Then I added color with pens.  To finish, I laced a strip of gauze through the holes and wove the ends under the lacing at the back.  Hang it up as I did here or glue a skewer to the back and add it to a pot of flowers.
Lace-Up Skull
Just a little colorful pen and you have a really fun ornament for your Day of the Dead celebrations!  But, of course, you can add more bling!  Try sequins, jewels or some flowers - so many possibilities!

Here it is on a darker background:
Lace-Up Skull

And, don't forget that the background of the skull holds its own possibilities.  You can use this over and over to draw or stencil more skull outlines.
Skull Stencil
Be sure to check out the other great Halloween decorations on the Designer Crafts Connection blog or hop around using the DCC blue button.  We are really enjoying creating for this holiday!  And, stop by Eye Connect Crafts to see the Lace-Up Skull and all the other Lace-Ups and Totem Poppets that Erin has created.

Happy Crafting,

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