Sunday, August 2, 2015

Designer Crafts Connection: Crafting with School Supplies

Hi Crafters!

Today on the Designer Crafts Connection, we're crafting with school supplies!  I was browsing through the school supply aisles at my local big box store looking for something fun to use and found these gel pencil grips in bright colors.  Since they already had a hole and were made of soft plastic, I immediately thought of making some fun jewelry!
Gel Grips

I cut some of them into small sections with a pair of scissors to create squishy, gel beads and had fun stringing them on cord with a bright button for a clasp!
"Jelly" Bead Bracelet

To make this bracelet, cut 1 yard of cotton cord.  String the button to the center and make an overhand knot or square knot beneath the button. 

Tape the button to the work surface and string a gel bead on one string.  Thread the other string through in the opposite direction.  Keep weaving until the bracelet fits your wrist.  Make an overhand knot after the last gel bead.  Make another knot leaving a loop to fit over the button.  Add a few small beads to each string and make overhand knots.

Here it is unclasped, so you can see it more easily.
"Jelly" Bead Bracelet - unclasped
Of course, you can just string the whole gel grip without cutting it up, too.  And, these have a large enough hole for heavier cord.  Elastic cord would be fun to try also.  You can also string them with small beads running through them for an interesting effect.  What will you try?

Stop by the Designer Crafts Connection blog to connect with other designers who are creating with school supplies.  School supplies aren't just for readin' and writin'!

Have fun creating!

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