Monday, June 8, 2015

Mobiles, Sun Catchers and Wind Socks

Hi Crafty Friends!

Sometimes it's only in looking back at your work that you discover a theme or a direction in your creative journey.  I realized lately when trying to find a place to hang one more mobile that I create a lot of wind chimes, sun catchers, mobiles and the like.  I like the light catching bright colors floating in a breeze and the sounds of wood or metals resonating in the airAnd, I have a lot of fun creating them.  So, here are a few of the many I have created for your inspiration.

Here's my latest mobile. I created it with Smoothfoam™ hollow half balls so it's nice and light and perfect for a child's room or a party decoration.  You could use this for lots of different parties such as retirement, a baby shower or a wedding. 

Hot Air Balloon

Here's another mobile that I created for Smoothfoam™.  Here I used a disc as a base and added bright Rowlux® Illusion Film flowers on the base and hanging from it.  You can't beat Rowlux® film for vibrant color!  And, the Smoothfoam™ base holds the pins without glue.
Flower Mobile
Links under the photos take you to the Smoothfoam™ blog where you can find the instructions for these projects and many other wonderful projects created by the Smoothfoam™ design team.

Some of the other materials that I've used to create wind chimes, sun catchers, wind socks and mobiles are plastic canvas, bamboo, old felt pens and beaded wire.  Here's just a few! 
April Showers Mobile

Felt Pen Wind Chime
Here's an easy plastic canvas windsock that I did with a kids' group.  It's plastic canvas, twine and plastic beads. Just roll a rectangle of colored canvas into a tube and use twine to lace it together.  To hold it into a tube while you stitch, use clothespins or binder clips.  Cut out butterflies and use more twine and beads to stitch them to the canvas.  Add twine fringe and twine strands to hang.  This is great for the kids because you don't even need a needle!
Plastic Canvas Wind Sock
In fact, I've got so many different hanging designs that I decided to collect them all on a Pinterest page! 
Have fun creating! 

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