Sunday, August 3, 2014

Designer Crafts Connection: Crafting with School Supplies

Hi Crafty Friends!

This month on the Designer Crafts Connection we're crafting in a Back to School mode.  You'll find crafts either using that theme or creating a craft with the actual supplies.  

I'm crafting with school supplies. I had some old felt pens that didn't work anymore.  I just couldn't throw them away!  Not only do I hate to create more garbage, these pens were bright and colorful  There must be something I can do with them!  After some thought, I found I could remove the felt wick leaving a colorful tube.  And when you have a tube, you have possibilities!

I decided to string the tubes on twine and make a wind chime.  I recycled a couple of plastic lids, too.  This craft is great for kids, especially if you have an adult remove the wick from the pen.  With the use of recyclable materials, it's inexpensive to make.

Felt Pen Wind Chime

You'll need: 

8 dried-up felt pens
2 plastic lids
Assorted acrylic beads
Scissors, tweezers, bead reamer or other tool to punch small holes in the lid

1.  Remove the felt wick in the center of the felt pen with tweezers or a pair of pliers.

2.  Punch eight evenly-spaced holes around the edge of a plastic lid and one in the center.  Cut a triangular piece from the other lid and punch a hole in one corner.

3.  Cut five pieces of twine about a yard long. 

4.  Tie a knot in a piece of twine, string a bead, a felt pen tube and one or two beads.  Tie a knot and go through a hole from the bottom of the lid and down from the top in an adjacent hole.  Knot the twine and repeat for the second set of beads and felt pen tube.  Repeat three more times.

5.  For the center, tie on the triangle and knot, add a bead and knot again.  Knot the twine and add a few larger beads; knot above the beads.  Four inches or so up, make a knot, add a bead and go through the center hole of the plastic lid.  Add a couple of beads on the other side to hold the lid in place, knot again and tie a loop for hanging.

Hang your wind chime outside in the garden or in a window for a colorful decoration!  

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Happy Crafting!


  1. Wow! Ingenious! What a cute recycle project! :-)

  2. very cute and colorful.