Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sage and Pearls Necklace for Craft Ideas

Happy Spring Everyone!

If you are looking for a design for bridesmaid jewelry or just something quick and elegant, here's a necklace that I designed for Craft Ideas magazine.  It's in their spring issue and you can also find the instructions on their website now under Sage and Pearls Bridesmaid Jewelry.  This necklace uses light green Swarovski pearls and Golden Shadow briolettes and a pear pendant. 
Sage and Pearls

The Sage and Pearls version of the necklace was re-designed to coordinate with the lovely muted palette of Sage and Sandalwood wedding colors in Craft Ideas.  I originally designed this necklace with glass teardrops and pearls with a silver pendant. It works either way and would look great in whatever colors you choose!
Teardrops and Pearls Necklace

Teardrops and Pearls on a stand
Happy Crafting! 

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