Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Recycled Crafts

Hi Crafters!

I've long been an advocate or re-using and recycling materials in crafts.  I especially like doing that for kids' crafts, but recycled materials are also great for re-use in art collages, paper projects, decoupage, general crafts and even jewelry.

Here's a craft that I did recently for the Smoothfoam blog.  This Primitive Bunny Jar uses paper bags, old buttons and a jelly jar. You can find the instructions at the link.

Primitive Bunny Jar for Smoothfoam

Here's another of my favorite projects that I made using paper bags - Scrunched Paper Bangles.
All the instructions are on my blog at the link.  It's a fun gift for the kids to make for Mother's Day.
Scrunched Paper Bangles

Here's another craft that I made using recycled materials:  a Decoupaged Flower Pot. It's a great craft for everyone from kids to seniors!

Decoupaged Flower Pot
To make a pot like this, sponge on some acrylic paint, then glue on a selection of pieces from seed catalogs, gardening magazines and seed packets.  I also added some fabric leaves and flowers.  Stamp a message and decoupage that on top.  Add coats of decoupage medium.  This also makes a nice gift.  You can add a plant or fill it up with seed packets, a trowel and a pair of gardening gloves! 

Have fun with these and don't forget to look at your recyclables for crafting material!

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