Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where is Pack-o-Fun?

Hi Crafters,

I love to design children's crafts. It's fun for me to take something that will be thrown away and turn it into something useful. I suspect it is because I didn't have too many materials as a child and was forced to use what I could find. And, having Depression-era parents contributed to the general thriftiness. It's not a bad way to grow up. I think it encourages imagination and inventiveness. As a kid, I used to hunt for bits of broken glass to make mosaics and once made a curtain for my bedroom door with strings of rolled beads cut from can labels. So, when recycling and re-use became popular, I was already there.

The magazine, Pack-o-Fun, has always been a favorite of mine. And, when it folded, I was afraid that 50-year old children's craft magazine was gone forever. But, it's not! Yay! It became a section of Crafts 'n things!

I have a couple of crafts in the pack-o-fun section of April's magazine. This Posey Pin is one of them. It's made from paper bags. A couple of years ago as part of a designer challenge, I started making jewelry from paper bags. It's amazing what you can do with them! I hope to have more to show you in the future, and I encourage you to strike out on your own and see what you can create with them.

Happy crafting,


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