Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gel Press Blog Hop

Hi everyone,
Today I'm part of a blog hop where we are using Gel Press printing plates to create prints.  This is a product new to me, and I'm having a lot of fun trying it out.

I received a 5x7 plate, which is a great size for card making or mixed media.It took a few tries to figure out how much paint to spread on the plate.  At first, I used too much paint.  The next time, my paint dried up before I could print.  It was a warm night.  The next day, things went better. 

Here's one I created in a fall theme.  I used three colors of acrylic paint (red, yellow and orange) and some leaf stamps.  I can see making place cards for fall dinners with this method.
Leaf Stamps
Here's another print.  This time I used a birdcage stencil.  I put down a layer of blue acrylic paint.  I laid the stencil on one side and used a sponge brush to add white paint around and through the stencil.  I think I'll go back to this and add some definition with pens.
Birdcage Stencil
Then, I decided to try bubble wrap pressed into the paint.  This would make a great background for a couple of tropical fish.
Bubble Wrap
And, I found in my experimentation that nothing needs to go to waste.  Some of the prints I made with gaps or too much paint made perfectly nice fall leaves when run through the die cutter.  And, these leaves are great everywhere!
Fall Leaves
Thanks, Gel Press!  I really enjoyed playing with your reusable gel printing plate.  Can't wait to try more ideas!


  1. Beautiful. I like the one with the leaves and that you had leftovers to make leaves.

  2. Love your painted leaves! The texture really brings them to life. Thanks for sharing your techniques using stamps with the Gel Press - this tool brings so much variety to all the other items in the crafty stash :)

  3. Terry, It looks like you had a lot of fun experimenting. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Nice prints.

  4. That is what I love about all those "missed" prints I have...die cut them. Great job.


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