Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pretty Palettes July Reveal: Starry, starry night

Hi everyone!

This month on the Pretty Palettes challenge our inspiration is a starry night.  Here's the beautiful photo of the night sky that Erin Prais-Hintz chose for the challenge.
[Picture credit :: Ryan Hutton :: Unsplash]
[Picture credit :: Ryan Hutton :: Unsplash]

I'm back from camping for a few days up on the Oregon Coast.  I was hoping for starry nights there, but it was mostly foggy.  One of my favorite things is viewing the night sky when out camping.  The stars are larger, clearer and, seemingly, closer.  And, coming up is one of my favorite times of the year - the Perseid meteor shower.  Every year, when the kids were younger, we would grab a blanket and lay out on the lawn and watch the meteors whiz by. 

Erin chose these beads from Michaels' Bead Gallery line:
july2016_beadspalette copy

Beads, L to R:

For my necklace, I picked up the blue iris glass on chain, some larger rondelles in the same color, the hematite stars and some purplish blue druzy sliders.

Here are the earrings:
Starry Night Earrings

Another shot of the earrings:
Starry Night Earrings

Here's the first necklace I made incorporating some druzy sliders that I found at Michaels. 

But, this necklace has no stars though the beaded chain does twinkle nicely as do the druzies.  So, I decided to try another design using a slice of blue agate I've had forever.
Starry Night Necklace
This has a bit of sparkle above a dark sky with the stars swinging on the agate.  I used some blue leather cord that ties to slip over the head.

I can't count the number of times I took these apart and put them back together, but sometimes designing is like that - at least for me!  I really like the beaded chain; it would make a wonderful bracelet, so I may have to get more of that!

Head over to the Halcraft blog to see all the other beautiful creations inspired by the night sky!

Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!   I'm ready for some star gazing!


  1. I really love that last necklace you posted. It really captures the gorgeousness of that inspiration picture! I love the way the stars are dangling on those head pins. That gives them a movement and a modern sensibility. Thanks for playing along with me! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Pretty pieces but my favorite is the Dressed up Agate slice. Just awesome.