Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pretty Palettes::November

Hi all,

This month, Erin has given us a beautiful pointillist painting as inspiration.  I love impressionist painting and I am fascinated by how one can create an image with thousands of tiny dots!  I hadn't heard of the Iles d'Or, so I did a little research and now it's on my bucket list of places to visit!  Take a look at the islands here

From sand to sky, this pointillist painting of the Islands of Gold will carry you away!

Erin picked some lovely beads to go with this painting.  I picked up some of these - the citrine chips, the gold luster hematite chips, the turquoise-dyed howlite chips and the aqua blue shell nuggets.  Then, I found more chip-sized beads to fill in the other colors on the palette - blue-dyed quartzite and amethyst.  My thought was to reproduce the painting in miniature in a pendant of some kind.  I couldn't decide - should I work with some resin, resin clay or wire. 

Well, I started this post two weeks ago and as I was drinking my coffee and catching up on facebook this morning, much to my surprise, the date of the reveal was here!  I had thought I had a couple more days.  So, my big ideas were reduced to something simpler!

First, here are the beads I used:
 And, here is the necklace I created:
Distant Island Necklace

I tried to capture the look of the painting with the sand in the foreground, the sparkling ocean and the land in the distance.  It's a very simple pendant to make with the chips strung on head pins, then strung on a bar with more chips.  Attach a chain and you're ready to go!  Earrings and a bracelet will have to wait for more time - maybe tomorrow while the pies and casseroles are baking.

Well, I'm off to check the turkey to see if it's defrosting fast enough to go into the oven in the morning.  

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love this painting in miniature with beads for the dots! I didn't use any purple in my palette and now I feel like I should have. I could have gone even more nuts buying beads for this one and really had to restrain myself! This is such a sweet and simple pendant that could work with so many different colors and beads! Thanks for joining me in the Pretty Palettes challenge for November. Check back on December 2nd for our next inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Oh this is so lovely Terry! I like how it does in fact mimic the feel of the painting!