Monday, October 7, 2013

Scarecrow - Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!  This month we're creating projects for fall, harvest or Halloween.  I've been wanting to make a scarecrow for years.  We always have the materials around the house - worn out jeans, an old shirt, boots, and old hat and work gloves.  So it was easy to collect a pile of scarecrow makin's.

Scarecrow makin's

For the head, I used a burlap sack that I've been saving for just this purpose.  I also had some fabric scraps with sticky backing left over from a previous project.  I cut the eyes, nose and cheeks from the fabric and stitched a mouth with embroidery floss.  Then, I stuffed him using a pillow for the main part of the body and newspaper for the rest.  I stuck a few pieces of grass here and there and found a rusty garden rake for him to hold.

I'm glad I finally took the time to put him together.  He's a fine addition to the back porch!  He looks happy there, don't you think?
Happy Fall Crafting!
Terry Ricioli


  1. Love this! A seasonal guard stationed at the front door! :-)

    1. Thanks! I really like him, but sometimes I forget he's there and he makes me jump!

  2. He is awesome, Terry. Love how you did the face. All the details to make him almost realistic are perfect :)