Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vintage Impressions Jewelry

Happy New Year!

Last spring I submitted a jewelry book proposal.  It was in a niche that I thought needed to be filled, and one that I felt suited my design bent and style.  I've always been drawn to the vintage look.  The publisher and its editors agreed and I got the go-ahead to work on it, which I did for most of the summer.  I designed and refined.  Then, I worked with the editors to further enhance, elaborate and eliminate until the book was complete.  It was quite a process and this is the first book of this size (64 pages) that I have designed.  So, I'm pleased and excited to announce the release of my new book!

It's just been released on the website.  I don't even have a copy yet, but when I do I hope to have a give-away of the book.  I hope you'll stop back by for that! 

And, Monday, the 9th will be our Designer Crafts Connection blog hop.  The topic is journaling and I'm sure there will be lots of wonderful projects and ideas to start your year off right!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Congratulations Terri!!!!
    Of course I will have to order it....gotta support my crafty friends! Again, congratulations and hope to see MORE books come from you!

    Veronica (Ronnie) Goff