Monday, October 3, 2011

Feather Mask

Hi Everyone!
It's time for our first Monday of the month blog hop, and this month the theme is Halloween.  As a kid, I loved dressing up for Halloween, so I decided to make a mask this month. 

I started with a fabric-covered mask, some feathers and sequins.  You'll also need some tacky glue and fabric paint.
I removed the elastic cord from the mask and painted the mask.

Then, I started to glue the feathers onto the mask starting in the center.  I glued longer ones in the center and shorter ones along the sides. 

Along the way, I decided to make a change.  This happens frequently when I design!  I thought the paint color wasn't bright and sparkly enough, so I painted over the first color.  Much better!  Then, I glued on some sequins and added some cord for ties.

Now, I'm ready for the ball.  And, I've got lots of feathers left for earrings!

Take a look around the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop this month; there's a lot going on!  Several designers are participating in a Westcott(R) challenge and creating crafts with Velcro(R) and Duck Brand(R) tape.  There's a giveaway from Westcott(R), so be sure to keep your eyes open for that!
Happy Crafting,


  1. Great project! Have fun at the ball and don't forget to come back before midnight....